Fraud Awareness Church Test

How It Works

The Fraud Awareness Church Test (FACT!) is an in-depth questionnaire that guides you through ten important fraud prevention considerations. Our service consist of two steps, Step I being the taking of the test which is all online and is $750 or you can Subscribe to the POP Program and FACT! is included FREE in the monthly subscription fee. Step II which includes an exhaustive written report of your church’s current situation, based on your answers to FACT!, and suggested preventative measures that should be taken. (Sorry, that one is not free even on POP)

Step I – Test (available a la carte):

Here are some examples of the important questions included in FACT!:

  • “Does our church’s organizational structure help prevent or promote financially irresponsible behavior?”
  • “Do we have written policies and procedures that help build a firewall around our church?”
  • “Is our church aware of the dangers in the ‘brave new digital world?”
  • “Do our financial statements exhibit full disclosure and transparency?”
  • “Are we living by the laws of the land?”
  • “Does our church have a clear understanding of all of the different forms of revenue it takes in?”
  • “Does the church exercise sufficient control over its expenditure of church funds?”
  • “Are our payroll practices secured?”
  • “Is anyone, (other than the bad guys) keeping watch over our property and equipment?”
  • “Is our church committed, long-term to fraud prevention?”

Some churches actually stop here because there is immense value in simply taking the test—you’ll be alerted to fraud prevention concerns and concepts that you can immediately implement without consulting with us. But there is also a much greater benefit available; an in-depth analysis of the results of the questionnaire by one of PSK’s Certified Fraud Examiners.

Step II, Analysis by PSK’s Certified Fraud Examiners (optional):

From the information supplied in your questionnaire, a detailed custom report is prepared and delivered to you electronically. The report exhaustively discusses all weaknesses discovered in your fraud prevention system. You’ll also receive an outline of protective steps your church can take to protect itself immediately, and in the future. This report will be transmitted electronically to you within ten business days of your completion of FACT!

Please call 817-664-3000 for a quote for this analysis.

Risk Free
FACT! and the analysis are totally risk-free for you. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund all of your money.

If you have any questions about the FACT test please give us a call at 817.664.3000 or toll free at 800.424.5790.

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