Much More than Numbers

Much More than Numbers PSK's Best Practices Engagements

Many people have a preconceived notion of what CPA firms do: Tax returns, accounting and bookkeeping, audits, financial statement preparation and payroll services. This is a fairly accurate response and in fact, those services are expected and are the "bread and butter" of our practice as well.

However, after more than twenty years of serving churches, we have learned that faith-based organizations want and need much more. As a result, in our role as church advisors, we do much more than the expected.

Our approach to church services is driven by this philosophy; we approach each engagement as if we are of the church’s ministry team. Our desire is to help our clients better fulfill the business part of their calling in a way that enhances integrity, efficiency and accountability. By doing this we help the ministry to keep focused on the most important thing: fulfilling their calling. Sadly, many churches have been slowed down, or in some cases terminated, not because they were bad at ministry, but because their administration brought their churches crashing down. Our goal is to keep our church and ministry friends from suffering such a fate.

To meet this goal, PSK has developed a range of other services that fall outside the normal routine of bookkeeping and other accounting-related services. We call these services "Best Practices" engagements. The purpose of these engagements is to share our knowledge of the best ways to achieve exceptional levels of stewardship practices. Our clients can choose from several tracks depending on their needs. Each of these tracks answers basic questions churches frequently ask themselves.

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