Discount Rates on Best Practices Engagements

POP members receive a 10% discount on each of our Best Practice tracks.

Much More than Numbers
PSK’s Best Practices Engagements

Many people have a preconceived notion of what CPA firms do: Tax returns, accounting and bookkeeping, audits, financial statement preparation and payroll services. This is a fairly accurate response and in fact, those services are expected and are the “bread and butter” of our practice as well.

However, after more than twenty years of serving churches, we have learned that faith-based organizations want and need much more. As a result, in our role as church advisers, we do much more than the expected.

Our approach to church services

Best Practice Engagements (BPE)


Regular Rate*

POP Member Rate*

BPE – Track 1
(IRS Compliance)
$3500 – $4000 $3150 – $3600
BPE – Track 2
(Review of Policies & Procedures)
$3500 – $4000 $3150 – $3600
BPE – Track 3
(Analysis of FACT!)
$3500 – $4000 $3150 – $3600
BPE – Track 4
(Analysis of giving patterns)
$3500 – $4000 $3150 – $3600

*The estimated fee ranges for each Best Practice Engagement (BPE) Track is based on our best estimate of the time normally required to complete each task. In the event that we encounter an unexpected circumstance that requires significant additional time, we will discuss it with you and arrive at a new fee estimate before we incur the additional cost.