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POP membership brings you the assurance that you, and your church or ministry will have an experienced and knowledgeable team on your side. Subscribe Now to receive all the benefits or read below to learn more about PSK's POP Program. video-subscribe-btn

FACT! – Fraud Awareness Church Test

Does your church have policies and procedures in place to help protect the church? FACT! can assist the church to discover any weaknesses where fraud can occur.  POP Members can take our in-depth online questionnaire worth $750 and learn the areas of concern for their church FREE.  Learn More»

One Hour Monthly Consultation

This membership benefit brings great peace of mind, knowing you have a team of experts ready and willing to help you each month with the many challenges of running a church or ministry.  Each month POP members receive a FREE hour of professional consultation (worth $300).  Learn More»

Live Monthly Seminar

Each Month PSK hosts a live seminar FREE for churches and ministries to view online!  Each video is available FREE to view for one month but then it's placed in our video archive which is only available to POP Members.  Watch this Month's Video!

Welcome to PSKs Optimize Program

POP membership brings you the assurance that you, and your church or ministry will have an experienced and knowledgeable team on your side with these tools:

icon-consultation 1 Hour Monthly Consultation
One hour each month of personal consultation from one of our church accounting experts. POP members have ready access to one of PSK’s experienced team members to help guide you through the day-to-day challenges of running (and accounting for) a church or ministry. This is a value of up to $300 per month!
icon-documents Policies & Procedures Documents
Access to our vault of sample policies and procedure documents (PDF’s available for download), as well as a wealth of other information, including articles written by PSK team members, church management tips, minister and ministry taxation tips, and other general information covering a number of interesting and important topics. Drafting these documents could cost many hundreds of dollars in hard and soft costs, but they are available FREE to POP members.
icon-discounts Discounts On Best Practices Consulting
10% discounted rates on several of PSK’s Best Practices Consulting services, as well as discounted hourly rates for general consulting. This can save you hundreds of dollars each time you choose PSK for one of the many value-adding engagements we offer.
FREE Fraud Awareness Church Test
FREE access to FACT! (Fraud Awareness Church Test!) That’s a $750.00 value! This is an in-depth, proactive test for churches and ministries in ten vital areas of the church’s life. Becoming aware of fraud risk is a HUGE step towards identifying and preventing fraud in your church or ministry. Fraud costs millions of dollars each year, to say nothing of the devastating impact it can have on a church or ministry. Sign up for POP today, and get started on your FACT! assessment immediately.

PSK strives to be a valued partner to your ministry team. The POP service will allow your church or ministry to be even more dedicated to serving your community. POP will give you peace of mind as your church/ministry develops and grows. You will have an economical and effective resource available at your fingertips, and more help is only a phone call away.

For more details please contact Verne or Bryan at 817-664-3000 or click on the SUBSCRIBE NOW button below to begin the enrollment process.

* POP Membership Cost: $195 monthly or $2100 annually